Episode 12: My Percentage of Splendor

We are back. After months of silence, Sonesh and John re-emerge to give the world the same stupid shit. Such as: is having a lasagna vagina a good thing, or instead is it grounds for defamation?

Plus: Jane Austen’s top-notch novels, now available in English! Accomplices to pasta crimes. The new way to peddle drugs, per Bollywood sources. Brigitte Nielsen: less is more for this secretive genius.

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Episode 11: Too Close Together

Our first ever guest, TV show creator Dustin Thomason, talks to us about how to make TV shows worse. Why should anyone want to do that? So you can charge more for the good version. It’s called smart business.

Plus: NotTerrible.org: our first not bad idea? Are some body parts too close together on women? Kim Basinger to lead America’s economic recovery with the business smarts only she can bring.

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Episode 10: The Randy Quaid of Pandemics

Mean Girls dropped a deuce called Mean Girls 2, and we gonna deuce up more classics like Gone With the Wind 2: Still Slaves, Lawrence of Arabia 2: Larry Mumblecore, Citizen Kane 2: High School Newspaper, and Silence of the Lambs 2: Who Moved my Murder? 

Plus: Rheinhold Dustvagina, non-medical expert. How do you spell your name again? Stop spreading these rumors about Godzilla! How to ruin someone’s life by building up their Ellen DeGeneres hopes. Randy Quaid’s new lifestyle brand, Quoop.

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Episode 9: Camgirl tips

Episode 9: Camgirl tips

Sonesh teaches John and camgirls everywhere some fresh ways to get the best tips.

Plus: Words so bad that we have to bleep them even on So Bad It’s Bad. Who is in talks to play fictional versions of themself in a movie? Who isn’t? Idris and ScarJo “Caged” into sharing a role. We celebrate the PR geniuses that came up with a campaign for GMO food based on saving tailgating. Lucy Lawless and Alfonso Ribeiro in 50 Shades of Planets, the gritty animated sci-fi exploration of dom-sub relationships between planets and moons.  

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Episode 8: Chimbers

The fabled lost tapes of podcasting starring Chimbers.

Plus: We start a whole new entertainment industry. Rob Schneider on Brexit and pleasure and going Back To School. The problems of being secret rich. Haley Joker Osment + Joker Osteen + Jokrah. Kid Rock and Patrick Stewart, A Big Ass Honky Tonk Love Story.

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Episode 7: We bet Tilda Swinton crushed the Math SAT

We discover that math skills are the most important thing to succeed in the world of Hollywood acting. 

Plus: Sonesh’s summer fears. Getting married at a marketing convention. Tennis murderer Caravaggio as played by Danny McBride (or maybe Tilda Swinton). Introducing “Where’s Bernie?” a game now found in all books and Netflix shows. 

This episode brought to you by Shel Silverstein, and his tree that gives the dankest of buddha. 

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Episode 6: Shelley Long strange trip

Shelley Long gets to redo her acting choices Quantum Leap style, and goes up against Whoopi. Or maybe she’s just tripping at the Cheers LSD Bar.

Plus: We start beef with Olivia Colman. Realistic pirates/sharks. Barack “Barry” Poppins at the White House. Those terrible sugar people. Bad ideas for bad trips. Parenting away white privilege in the most offensive way possible. 

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Episode 5: Let’s just mitch out

How come female witches get all the easy accoutrement-ing? Male witches, “mitches” henceforth, deserve some help here. We try to help, and you can to, by getting #MitchEmojiNow trending on the socials!

Also: Someone swiped left on you. The Moomba. The broken-condom child named Sonesh. The work game of SoBadItsBad.cum. Ron, you are the worst guest. Stay at Derek’s, man! John Lester as Chris Tucker as Hamlet.

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Episode 4: Death does toilet paper wrong

Did you know that 85% of podcast hosting jobs are set to be taken over by machines? We prove it by handing over large parts of the show to an AI writing algorithm. It’s not as good, but it is less work for us.

Plus, Mindy Kaling and Seth MacFarlane, the couple that starred in Charmed, are set to star in the latest Swedish drama set in Miami. What if your patron deity puts the toilet paper the wrong way? Wesley Snipes for H&R Block. “Feminism kind of happened.” The Sonesh guide to hiding illegal funds. Would you have sex inside dicks (cigarettes)?

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Episode 3: In a rock band with Marlee Matlin

What’s next for the Night King after Game of Thrones? The wonderful Marlee Matlin, that’s what.

Plus the Jordache brothers, Anne Geddes 2.0, G as in gonorrhea, the ethics of utility corridors, and homework help for adulterers.

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